Friday, 3 December 2010

Another cold day, another post

Lethargic. Bored. Uninspired.
This grueling task of writing has been taking its toll, so I have a selection of new photographs showing some british wool, and part of my dissertation, that I received for my birthday (unfortunately I do not know the type). It is rather coarse and seems to work well when felting. Anyway, here are some images:

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowy Isolation

As commonly aware, there has been a very large amount of snow all over the country during the past week. Unfortunately, this meant that I was stranded in another town for a few days, with only a limited bag of supplies. Thankfully my knitting was included in this bag and I spent two days knitting in a hotel room. I had recently made one mitten from the book 'Knitting 24/7' and felt reluctant to begin the matching one. Boredom struck and being productive is better than staring at the wall. I was surprised at how simple this pattern was - the fair isle stitch pattern was very easy to pick up (the creation of a pattern made it feel less repetitive after knitting past the thumb opening), and the time it took was relatively quick taking the 4-ply sock wool into account.

After finishing, blocking and admiring the pair of mittens in my room, the idea of making a fleece lined headband/ear warmer popped into my head. Even after numerous hours of knitting I still seemed to have itchy fingers. I only just finished the headband today, after managing to make it home and celebrate my birthday. I simply took the 33 stitch repeat and doubled it, picked up the side stitches afterwards and knitted a circumference to fit my head. I am rather pleased with the end results.

Also, I feel I need to include this photograph (I have never seen icicles so big!):