Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Degree Show Countdown

And as the 20th of May approaches, my creative side is becoming drained. With panicked thoughts about the future being pushed aside, I have been working on a few new yarns and a few new projects.

In particular, I have a newly spun skein of yarn drying in my bathroom as we speak. It is a combination of corriedale, merino and black diamond bamboo tops. Due to the bamboos silk-like quality most of it ended up awkwardly stuck between the teeth on my drum carder.

Here are the fibres before blending:

Blended batts:

When I started to spin I decided that I actually didn't really enjoy the yellow colour mixed in with the other fibres, but I persevered and the outcome seems to be alright, I guess...

Tomorrow calls for a new knitted piece and I think this yarn will knit up quite nicely. I will post the progress in a few days!

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